The Mezura AI App is easy to use, fun and seamless. It allows users to find the best fit in garments for their body size and shape.


It’s simple. With a one-off easy setup and registration process, shoppers can use a mobile or tablet to obtain their body measurements instantly from one shot. Measurements can be saved, deleted or retaken at any time.


It’s global. Shoppers can find out their international sizes in an instant, by automatic location identification or by selecting the country they wish to shop in.


It's brand-specific. Shoppers can find out their best size in specific brands and for individual garments.


It’s private. No image is stored or shared. Everything remains on the shopper’s device.


Mezura AI Retail seamlessly provides the shopper's body measurements in seconds, in the store using AI Pod in two ways:

  1. The Pods stand independently and can be scattered around the store with an instruction poster to encourage users to try it. After being measured, their best sizes in that store will be available on the app via their mobile device in seconds. Using raspberry pi, normal camera and AI behind the scene, the pods are inexpensive and easy to install and set up.

  2. The Pods can be linked to a TV Screen or Mirror that the customer can stand in front of. Screens are then digitally customised for bespoke branding and special features - creating a show stopper in any retail store. The measurements remain private, shared with customers via an app on their device. And shoppers still receive links to the store’s clothing catalogue and store stocking system.


Pods will be SaaS. Updates to the AI and measurement modules will fill in seamlessly, leased on a licensing, installation and monthly support charge. The Pods can also be purchased as a home product, due to their low cost. However, we expect the mobile app to be more mainstream.


Many fashion online shoppers are deterred to buy online as it can be hit and miss the sizes.


The Mezura AI Plug-in will be seamlessly integrated into the retailer’s app, and match up with their garment database to suggest the best fit size for the customer, in the comfort of their own homes. The customer can also indicate whether they want tight, regular or loose-fitting for any garment and will receive a recommendation for the best size.


Using the Plug-in will both lower return rates and attract new online customers who will be able to confidently buy garments which will fit their body shape.

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