Mezura AI


TechNovus develops and deploys innovative, disruptive and new-age digital solutions that leverage artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, the internet of things and other emerging technology trends. For the past two decades, the team at TechNovus have been innovating and delivering transformative solutions across a range of sectors.


Halla Juffali

Halla is a businesswoman and entrepreneur who is passionate about technologies that make a positive impact.

Jamil El-Imad

Jamil is an inventor and pioneer in virtual reality, neurotechnology and big data, with decades of experience in building systems and solutions.

Halla and Jamil are supported by a small group highly skilled people within TechNovus, and by a network of dynamic and adaptive teams around the world, composed of passionate scientists and engineers who are self-driven with a common goal to deliver outstanding solutions and realise their full potential.


We harness talent pools wherever they may be and have developed global ideas exchange platforms on some of the most challenging science.


We also partner with world-leading scientific and medical institutions who are opinion leaders and have a proven reputation in the form of know-how, competencies and skills in the key areas of opportunity and who share the same broad philosophy. These partners include Imperial College London, Ecole Polytechnic Federation Lausanne, Brain Mind Institute and the American University of Beirut.