Mezura AI


Mezura AI can help you stay in shape and maintain healthy body ratios. Through our high-end technology, we will help people to track changes in body measurements, define body goals, and follow it up by saving and charting changes.


People will be able to use our technology via the mobile app and smart mirrors to keep track of their athletic and body performance. The mirrors perform a full body scan using a built-in camera and sensors that extract a person’s body and health measurement values. Unlike conventional BMI tools, Mezura AI also provides users with an additional layer of analysis - body proportions.


Using these readings, people can find out their fitness levels and identify their fitness goals. They can join a community of fitness seekers who interact with each other, take part in live interactive group training sessions, or choose their own virtual personal training fitness program. And Mezura AI can easily be connected with a fitness activity tracker or a wireless device.


Gyms, personal trainers, and even fitness companies can also use Mezura AI Fitness to track and support their customers, inspiring communities to reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.