Mezura AI


Mezura AI is a ground-breaking technology that uses artificial intelligence to deliver innovative solutions to the fashion industry. Mezura AI has the potential to transform online and offline retail experiences, bringing the benefits of professional personal tailoring or machine-like measuring, in the comfort and privacy of people's homes.   


With over 30,000 body measurement possibilities, Mezura AI will allow users to get the best size garments that fit their body measurements, delivered directly to them without having to leave the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

When Mezura AI partners with online retailers, consumers can have a customised selection of clothes and footwear, which will only fit their own size. Retailers can use the technology on their e-commerce platforms, as well as installing it in their in-store mirrors.

Mezura AI enables stores to customise the tool to match their items’ sizes to customer measurements. So, customers will be able to find their perfect fit of any item from their favourite brands, regardless of their proportions.


In the future, customers will be able to see how the clothing will look on them, using state-of-the-art Mezura AR (augmented reality), an extension to Mezura AI which is currently under development.


All of this results in a much more targeted and enjoyable shopping experience, while also reducing exchange and return rates. It also allows fashion retailers to connect with their customers on a different level, while also seeing an increase in both sales trends and brand loyalty.


Mezura AI App

Allows users to find the best fit in garments for their body shape and size.

Mezura AI Retail

Provides the shopper's body measurements in seconds, in-store using the Mezura AI Pod.

Mezura AI Plug-In

App for online retailers to ensure the right size garments are delivered to the customer.