Mezura AI


In our increasingly digitised and fast-paced world, people are seeking to make the most of their time. Online shopping has dramatically increased, in parallel with growing awareness about the importance of staying in shape for health and fitness purposes.


The Mezura AI platform comprises a set of applications that measure various attributes of the human body to capture results related to figure, fitness, and wellbeing. It provides an all-digital customer experience that enables a better understanding of people’s lifestyles. This enables consumers to access products and services that are right for them, and for


Mezura AI provides a rapid and simplified way of assessing proportions and wellbeing indicators by allowing users to:


  • Use accurate measurements for their shopping experiences

  • Reveal areas where interventions could be beneficial

  • Improve their experience of care

  • Improve their overall fitness

  • Improve their way of life and lifestyle


Through this, Mezura AI will enable both consumers to save time and access products and services that are designed for them, and allow businesses to tailor products and services more efficiently for their customers.



Apps on all iOS and Android devices (tablets, mobiles, smartwatches, and other wearable devices) for consumers or as an integrated module in retailers’ applications or e-commerce websites.

The Pod

The Mezura AI Pod for Retail Stores and Consumers, offer seamless body measurements in seconds.

Mirrors & Screens

Applications on custom-designed mirrors and screens which could be placed in homes, gyms and clinics - this is considered the Luxury product where product look customisation can be made.